Beyond the Bio

" No matter where you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself. "


I am a mother of twins, also mom to 4 fur babies and partner of a loving soulmate. I am a law graduate by qualification, a yoga enthusiast and a canine rescuer at heart,
I have 20+ years’ experience in the corporate world in various roles and the common string was my passion to work with people and help them.

I am from a small township Ahmednagar near Pune, my grandparents, my father and his siblings came as refugees during partition. I was the only girl from my batch of 63 students to clear 10th std in first attempt and go to college.

Yes, I am from a place where girls were married off as soon as they turned 18 and boys would join their family business. My parents sent me to college against the wish of my grandparents. Although money and other resources were scarce, my father a war veteran was a very forward-thinking man - he always said that the only gift you can give your children is education. I was blessed with an environment at home that pushed me to learn and explore. But only one part of my personality developed and that was overall knowledge of life and the world as such.
That knowledge took me to success but I could not sustain it.

If I knew how much potential I had and how I could unleash it, I would have achieved things that at the time I may not even have dreamed of, perhaps even 1000 times more than what I have today. Sounds familiar

I learnt it the hard way, by imitating, observing others, and reading a lot. Only if someone would have helped me to bridge the gap, to remove bottle necks, helped me understand simple practical principles of self-image or social skills.
I could have been in control; I could have taken charge of my life. By understanding my own potential and harnessing my power, I could create a persona that would be powerful, conflict free and stress free.

So, I decided to be that someone who can help others bridge their gap, hold their hand and guide them to their goals! In the last 8 years I studied and worked hard understanding and implementing the learnings from NLP, Image Management and Social Skills. I am here with a unique blend of most powerful concepts to take charge, be able to make right choices, be emotionally intelligent, and create circle of influence. Now I on a mission to help people live a life of hope, happiness and dignity. Yes, my journey from negative self- image, hopelessness and misery to a happy,
grateful and free person inspired me to become the beacon of hope for others.