" Your brand is what people say
about you when you're not in the room. "

Jeff Bezos

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, where first impressions often shape enduring perceptions, the importance of image management for corporate employees cannot be overstated. Beyond the traditional realms of professional expertise, the way employees present themselves influences organizational success, client relationships, and overall workplace dynamics.

Image management encapsulates a holistic approach to individual and collective appearances, behaviors, and communication skills, serving as a strategic tool to enhance professionalism, foster positive brand representation, and propel career advancement. In an era dominated by digital connectivity and heightened stakeholder scrutiny, the ability of corporate employees to effectively manage their image extends beyond the boardroom, encompassing online presence and ethical considerations. Our programs set the stage for an exploration of how image management training equips employees with the tools to navigate the complexities of the corporate world, fostering a culture of success, collaboration, and sustained professional growth.

Image Management Programs

Corporate Grooming for employees

Dress for

Dressing for the occasion- Women

Business Casual-The Smart Way


Hygiene for employees

The Gentlemen’s Style

Make-up and Grooming for women

Perfume / cologne etiquette

Appropriate dressing as per Body Shape



Promotion Ready


Soft skills

Corporate Grooming for employees

Customer Service Skills


Communications skills

Corporate Image & Business Etiquette

The Art & Science of Kinesics-Body Language

Developing Customer Delight and Selling Skills


Professionalism and Ethics


Developing a Professional Image

Presentation Skills

Time Management

Confidence building

Team Building

Problem Solving
Decision-making Skills

Enhancing Skills of Personal and Administrative Assistants

Gender Sensitivity – Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) at Workplace

Dining etiquette & Addressing Cultural sensitivities Sensitization wo

Sensitization workshops
for People


Etiquette & manners at workplace