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Leaders ask “what can I do for you?”

John Maxwell

Tell me something

Leaders may be born however their skills need to be honed to survive in the practical world, and to bring out their qualities. They may have charisma like J F Kennedy, none the less they have to learn everyday from their experiences and their failures. Like Elon Musk is learning and after years of learning and hard work he is able to send his spaceship. Likewise Dr Abdul Kalaam has failed many times with his satellite before it became a success. So leaders have to go deep into their failure lessons to know their subject matter and for them to become leaders.

Steve Jobs admired this one person during his lifetime apart from Einstein and Franklins, was the new kid on the block Mark Zuckerberg. He said that anybody can make a product but it takes spine to make a company. He has made a company that has brought the whole world together.