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Soniya Mahesh

In the transformative journey through academia and into the professional sphere, students find themselves at the intersection of knowledge acquisition and personal development. The importance of image management and soft skills training becomes particularly pronounced as these young minds prepare to navigate the dynamic landscapes of their future careers. Image management extends beyond the conventional concept of appearances; it encapsulates the ability to project a polished and authentic identity, combining both visual and behavioral elements.

Simultaneously, soft skills, encompassing effective communication, interpersonal aptitude, and emotional intelligence, are the linchpin for success in any field. Our programs set the stage for an exploration into how the fusion of image management and soft skills training equips students with a versatile toolkit essential for academic achievement, career readiness, and the cultivation of a well-rounded professional persona. As they embark on their educational journey, the acquisition of these skills becomes a compass guiding the students toward future success.

Power Dressing

Appearance Management

Dress for success



Poise & Body Language

Life Skills

How to organize yourself and not be overwhelmed

Eating right and staying healthy

Manage money

Network like a Pro

Resolving relationship issues

Is studying or reading enough

Poor sleep habits

Skipping classes

Wasting time/procrastinating

Social Grace -The Right Image

Grooming-Your Way to Success

Interview Skills

Stress Management

Time Management

Guilt Management

Self – Motivation


Gender Sensitization

Tactful Communication

Presentation Skills


Negotiation Skills

Business Dining Etiquette

Wine Etiquette